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Information to Exchange Students


Name of the institution Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do RN/IF-RN
Courses exchange students take High School and Undergraduate Courses for students belonging to one of IF-RN’s formal international partnerships.

Is CEFET/RN the right school for me

IF-RN welcomes international students who:

  • are responsible and respectful;
  • are willing to learn the Portuguese language;
  • are willing to adapt to the Brazilian culture;
  • understands and accepts cultures and values which are different form theirs;
  • are tolerant with socio-cultural differences;
  • have critical thinking;
  • are willing to engage in extension activities;
  • are motivated.
In what level will students be placed in? When exchange students are accepted to study at IF-RN, they attend, predominantly, classes in the second, or third year of High School in the morning. If any student has already finished Secondary Education, the International Relations Office may study his/her placement in an undergraduate course offered by IF-RN.
Will students be graded in school?

The first semester is a time for cultural and linguistic adaptation. However, it does not mean students will not have any school responsibilities. In this phase, they are evaluated taking into account attitudinal aspects.

In the second semester, they will be assessed according to qualitative and quantitative aspects.

Portuguese Language requirements
Besides their regular classes, exchange students must attend the Portuguese as a Second Language Course offered by IF-RN.

How to apply to study at CEFET/RN (Application procedure)

The fulfilled application forms must be sent by the AFS, Rotary or International Relations Office of the partner Institution, together with:

  • a copy of the Passport (certified);
  • a copy of the High School or Under graduation most recent transcript;
  • 2 recommendation letters from professors at the home Institution;
  • 01 Photo;
  • A legal document from the host institution certifying that he/she is a regular student of that school, university or college;
  • Commitment Letter signed by the person responsible for the minor while he/she is in Brazil.
How do I know if I was accepted? Within a twenty-day period, IF-RN should issue an acceptance letter, or send an e-mail to the local Exchange Program Office, or home institution declining the request.
How to obtain the application forms
The application forms can be found at IF-RN in the International Relations Office (Assessoria de Relações Internacionais), Room 20.
Documents must be submitted to: Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do RN/IF-RN
Assessoria de Relações Internacionais – ARINT (International Relations Office).
Av. Sen. Salgado Filho, 1559 – Tirol – Natal/RN.
Térreo – Sala 20.
Phone: 55 84 4005-2724
Natal – RN, Brasil.
CEP: 59.015-000.

Application deadline


June 15 ( Second semester applications)
February 15 (First semester applications)

Enrollment fee


IF-RN charges a symbolic enrollment fee of R$ 20.00 (twenty reais)
Voluntary Activities
Exchange students are strongly recommended to engage themselves in voluntary activities - under the supervision of an advisor appointed by the International Relations Office.
What kinds of voluntary activities should students engage in? Examples of voluntary tasks, include: participating as guest speakers in language classes; offering basic language courses on languages in which they are proficient; helping teachers organize presentations, workshops, seminars, cultural fairs, etc.

Academic year - 2006.1


First term: May 08
Second term: September 9

Orientation program week

We do not offer an orientation week; the students obtain all the needed information in a single day, to be scheduled by the International Relations Office.
When do the exchange students need to arrive at your institution?
At least 15 days prior to the beginning of the classes
Airport pick-up service We do not offer this service.

The institution does not have housing facilities.
How to apply for housing/homestay IF-RN does not offer accommodations for exchange students.
How to obtain a visa You can get this information at the Brazilian Embassy in your country.
What is the necessary documentation for studying in Brazil? The basic documentation includes:
• Passport
• Student Visa
• Presentation form prepared by the Embassy of Brazil*
• Letter of Acceptance from the University/School (exchange students only)*
* These documents should all be in the original, not copies.
Fee and cost information of the living expenses In order to live in Natal with minimal comfort students will need at least US$ 300 / per month.
Useful web site about studying at your institution
www.cefetrn.br (in Portuguese)

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